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At Advanced Veterinary Medical Center, serving El Sobrante and the nearby communities, we believe that pets and their owners deserve as stress-free an experience as possible. We also provide you with a range of pet care services, allowing you to receive the majority of the care your pet needs under one roof. And that's just some of what sets us apart!

Our Veterinarians

At our animal hospital, our veterinarians treat cats, dogs, and several other types of critters. Our vets are knowledgeable and have ample experience. We can treat minor or serious issues. We are even capable of handling emergencies, and not just with expertise and skill, but also with the advanced equipment we have since we believe your pet deserves nothing but the best. In addition to being able to help your pet when he or she is ill or injured, our veterinarians also have the educational background to provide you with advice on how you can be the best pet owner possible.

Our Veterinary Care Services

Fortunately, we're a full-service animal hospital. We have the capability to perform various lab tests within our walls. We can even perform digital imaging to capture a view of the inside of your pet's body. Some of the imaging we may perform includes MRIs, CTs, and ultrasounds. We're able to perform an array of surgeries, including spays and neuters. Our veterinarian can even perform more advanced surgeries.

Part of the services we provide includes various ones to keep your pet healthy and prevent problems in the future. For instance, we can provide your pet with all the routine vaccinations necessary. These prevent illnesses that could harm your pet or at least make them feel under the weather.

The Environment

We realize that taking a pet to the vet is a daunting task at times, especially when you're busy. We make our animal hospital a relaxing environment for everyone for that reason. It's a calm, comforting place to keep your pet as relaxed as possible throughout the visit.

Our waiting room is a calming place because we know how stressful pet parents can get when something isn't quite right with their pet. Moreover, it's a kid-friendly space. We don't want you to have to choose between taking your pet to the vet and finding a babysitter. Instead, bring your child into a warm and child-proofed area.

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At Advanced Veterinary Medical Center, serving El Sobrante and the general vicinity, we welcome you to bring your dog or cat to us for pet care, whether they're sick, hurt, or merely need a routine exam. We're available for it all. Give us a call today at 510-222-7387 to book an appointment for your furry family member.

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