Pet Dental Care

Proper pet care involves giving your animal companion healthy food, sufficient exercise, enjoyable stimulation, and socialization. We also cannot overlook the potential importance of giving our pets professional pet dental care. Here at Advanced Veterinary Medical Center, we make teeth cleaning and pet cleaning services available to pet owners in El Sobrante, CA. 


How Regular Teeth Cleaning Can Save Your Pet’s Life

Thorough pet cleaning goes beyond regular baths. You might also need to include a veterinarian in your pet’s cleanliness routine because your animal companion’s teeth and gums require extra attention.

Failing to care for your pet’s dental health properly can lead to numerous complications. It may start with your pet experiencing some discomfort. You may notice your ordinarily food-loving pet leave plenty of food in his bowl because his tooth is hurting. The pain from that loose or damaged tooth might be enough to discourage your pet from eating.

Pets that go without dental cleaning for a long time may also end up with excessive bacteria in their teeth and gums. That accumulation of bacteria could eventually lead to the development of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease does more than cause your pet discomfort. If the bacteria from your pet’s mouth reach their vital organs, your pet may develop some life-threatening diseases. Keep your pet safe from the dangers of periodontal disease and other dental issues by regularly taking them to an animal hospital for dental cleaning.

What Happens at Our Animal Hospital during Dental Cleaning?

Before a veterinarian on our team conducts the dental cleaning, the vet might first review your pet’s physical condition

Once the cleaning session is underway, a veterinarian on our team might put your pet under anesthesia. With your pet under anesthesia, the veterinarian will be able to examine his teeth and gums without fear of getting bit. We can check for the signs of periodontal disease and any other symptoms that hint at dental issues.

Following the exam, we can start cleaning your pet’s mouth. We will use special tools to remove any plaque and tartar they find. Your pet should be ready to go home after the cleaning is finished.

Get Teeth Cleaning and Pet Cleaning from Our Animal Hospital

We at Advanced Veterinary Medical Center can provide the expert dental care your pet might need. Reach out to us today or visit our location in El Sobrante, CA, to schedule your pet’s appointment. Call us at (510) 222-7387 for more information.

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